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Updated: Jul 31

7/18 - Hart Lab Retreat 2023 was a success! It was a great day to discuss projects, eat some good food, and chat with lab members.

6/27 - Alex, Adam, Mika, Jackie, and Anne all attended the International C. elegans Conference held in Glasgow, Scotland this year. It was a blast to learn, present, and have fun with fellow worm researchers!

6/20 - We had a farewell lunch for Marie, who will be leaving us at the end of the month. Thank you, Marie, for all your hard work on the Huntington's project for the past year and a half! You will be missed!

6/16 - We bonded with the Mayoral lab over sandwiches, cornhole, and spike ball! It was a beautiful day and great to get to know each other better as we share lab space.

6/12 - Adam is officially a PhD candidate! Congrats, Adam!

6/1 - Diana Wall joins the lab as an MCB PhD student. Welcome, Diana!

5/11 - We had lunch together to celebrate Muneet & John graduating! Congrats to both of them!

5/4 - Jeremy presented on his work with the Huntington's project & shared pictures from his trip to Australia.

5/3 - Muneet and John presented at the Neuroscience Senior Poster Presentations. They have done tremendous work over the past couple of years and we are sad to see them go, but we know they have very bright futures ahead of them!

4/27 - Our rotation student this semester, Anna, presented on her work with the sleep project! Great job, Anna!

4/23 - John, Ashley, Muneet, Jackie and Marie presented at the Neuron Conference held at Quinnipiac University!

4/20 - John, Ashley, Muneet, Jackie, Manuel and Jasmine all presented on their work! They did a great job & presented well.

4/13 - Alex presented on his work in lab on the sod-1 project! He has been doing a lot of work with the suppressor screen candidates, a suppressor gene of interest and another gene that might help with axon regeneration.

4/6 - Gio Silva-Garcia presented on his work for our lab! Gio recently started at Brown and his lab works with C. elegans and aging. Thank you to Gio for coming in to talk with us. You can read more about his work and his lab on their lab website.

3/16 - Mika presented her work so far on the sod-1 project. She is currently in the midst of trying to determine causal genes for some suppressor lines.

3/9 - Adam presented on his work so far on the sleep project! There was great discussion over protocols and conditions of worm rearing.

3/7 - The lab went ice skating in downtown Providence! We had a great time shredding the ice together.

3/6 - Anna Nixon joins the lab for an MCB rotation this spring. Welcome, Anna!

2/23 - Diana practiced her presentation for her work done in the Hart Lab during her rotation this winter and Joanna practiced her presentation for her work done in the Hart Lab during her rotation this fall. They will be presenting on March 3rd and March 24th, respectively.

2/16 - We had a successful round robin showing figures, talking about crosses and discussing protocols while enjoying some cookies and popsicles to celebrate Marie's & Adam's birthdays!

2/14 - Alex presented on the sod-1 project at the February PAARF meeting at Ship Street.

2/9 - Adam presented a paper for journal club about GABAergic synaptic plasticity during a developmentally regulated sleep-like state.

2/2 - First lab meeting of the semester was spent listening to Fen-Biao Gao from UMass Worcester present on his research at Ship Street.

1/25 - It's the start of the spring semester! Everyone is back in lab & hopefully refreshed from their time off.

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