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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

12/23 - Mika was awarded a Presidential Membership Award from the Genetics Society of America!

12/15 - Last lab meeting of the semester! Jeremy presented on his work and showed us pictures from his trip to Australia.

12/14 - Diana Wall joins the lab for an MCB rotation this winter. Welcome, Diana!

12/11 - The Hart Lab holiday party was a blast! We ate good food and had a successful secret Santa. Thank you to Anne for hosting!

12/8 - Marie presented on her work on the Huntington's Disease project! We also did a round robin, where everyone presented a figure or protocol related to their work.

12/1 - Lakshmi and Adam presented on their work thus far in the lab.

11/30 - Alex presented at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Neurodegenerative Diseases: Biology & Therapeutics Meeting! He didn't take many pictures, but here's one of his lobster dinner:

11/10 - The undergrads presented on their research! Muneet, John, Ashley, Jackie, Nicole & Manuel did a great job.

11/3 - Alex lead journal club this week and we discussed nuclear ubiquitin ligase adaptor SPOP as a conserved regulator of C9orf72 dipeptide toxicity.

11/1 - John presented a poster at the annual Northeastern ALS Conference in Clearwater, FL.

10/27 - We had a productive protocol/organization lab meeting. We discussed ways to improve protocols over Knead Doughnuts!

10/20 - Mika ran journal club this week and we discussed AAV gene therapy for SOD1 models.

10/13 - Anne presented in lab meeting about work she did as a postdoc, the history of the Hart lab, and what former lab members worked on.

10/6 - We celebrated Mika's and Lakshmi's birthdays with some cake while Kelsey gave her final presentation in lab meeting since she starts a new job in a few weeks! Good luck, Kelsey!

9/29 - We had a successful round robin! It was a productive lab meeting full of updated figures and discussions about the current projects happening in lab.

9/26 - Joanna Joyce Maddela joins the lab for an MCB rotation this fall. Welcome, Joanna!

9/24 - We went apple picking at Jaswell's Farm! It was a great morning to pick honey crisps and eat warm apple cider donuts.

9/19 - Jeremy and Anne publish in MicroPublication Biology! Read the micropub here.

9/16 - The lab went out for pizza at Flatbreads to celebrate the start of the academic year, new publications, and everyone being back in lab!

9/15 - Alex practiced his presentation for NSGP In-House and MCBGP Data Club! He will be presenting for NSGP In-House on Tuesday, September 20th and MCBGP Data Club on Friday, September 23rd.

9/8 - First lab meeting of the semester! It was great to see everyone back in lab.

8/26 - Lakshmi Prakash joins the lab for an NSGP rotation this fall. Welcome, Lakshmi!

8/25 - (Most of) the lab went indoor rock climbing at Central Rock Gym! We scaled V2s like pros.

7/27 - The CeNeuro conference was held in Vienna this year, where Alex, Kelsey and Jeremy all presented posters on their research. Here they are pictured below with Anne at the conference:

7/20 - The annual Hart Lab retreat was a day full of research talks from our lab. Kelsey, Alex, Anne and Jeremy gave chalk-talks about current projects and research grants. Muneet, John, Nicole, Ashley and Marie all presented posters on their research from this summer. Great job, everyone!

7/13 - Alex was appointed to Brown University's Biology of Aging T32 NRSA training grant. Congratulations, Alex!

7/13 - The lab went kayaking at Narrow River Kayaks in Narragansett.

7/11 - Welcome back to lab, John & Muneet!

6/9 - Celebrated Kelsey's birthday at lab meeting!

6/6 - We welcomed Ashley & Nicole back to lab for the summer.

5/26 - The lab went out to lunch to celebrate Steph's send-off! Good luck at UVA, Steph!

5/18 - It was PREP Program Poster day- Stephanie presented on her work from the past year in the Hart Lab!

5/12 - Kelsey presented her work on Exercise Induced Quiescence (EIQ).

5/5 - Mika and Stephanie presented on their sod-1 work and the lab went out for ice cream to celebrate Anne's birthday!

5/4 - Marie is accepted into the PREP program at Brown.
5/3 - Mika is accepted into the Master of Science in Biotechnology program at Brown.
4/28 - The undergrads presented on their work this semester! Great job Muneet, Ashley, John and Jackie!
4/21 - Anne led lab meeting and talked about a grant proposal in the works.
4/7 - Jeremy presented on his work with the Huntington's project at lab meeting. Anne shared her pictures from Italy and Stephanie shared her pictures from France!
3/31 - Alex led lab meeting and gave a presentation on his work with the sod-1 project.
3/11 - Anne heads to Italy for the Sleep Regulation and Function Gordon Research Conference.
2/23 - Created this website!
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